Our People


Sergey Kazinets - Partner

Sergey Kazinets


Specializes in real estate legal issues, city planning and land matters (in Moscow and regions) as well as in the corporate law. He has successful experience in solving disputes in arbitration courts and general jurisdiction courts.

Graduated from Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL). He held various posts in legal departments of major real estate development companies. In July, 2013 was appointed as an arbitrator of the Arbitration court in the Siberian Arbitration Commission.

Sergey is co-author of different professional books on land and housing law which were published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta and also he is author of publications and comments in popular business magazines and newspapers like Vedomosti, Kommersant, Media group RBC, Expert, Impress Media etc.

Additionally he gives lectures at professional conferences such as Guild of managers and developers, Academy of Real Estate, PROEstate Events etc. and also gives seminars on land and city planning legislation.

Valeriy Lazebniy - Partner

Valeriy Lazebniy


Specializes in court disputes, criminal cases with business involved and interaction with state authorities. He has wide experience in real estate transactions support and in development projects with foreign investors and contractors participated.

Graduated from Kaliningrad Law Institute of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. He worked in the legal departments of major real estate development companies, headed legal department of Nezavisimaya Gazeta editors.

Valeriy is author of articles and reviews published in leading law journals and business media like Vedomosti, Kommersant, Corporate lawyer, etc.; co-author of books on land and housing law published by Rossiyskaya Gazeta; author of seminars on city planning and land law.

Valeriy is active public figure. He regularly participates as a speaker in events of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry, "OPORA Rossii" and other organizations.

Konstantin Sklovskiy - Partner

Konstantin Sklovskiy


PhD in law, associate professor the at National Research University – Higher school of Economics, winner of the gold medal of Plevako.

Konstantin is recognized expert on Russian law: he acts in the courts of Europe, counsels European courts on Russian law issues.

Has a professional legal experience of more than 35 years.

The author of more than 210 legal works including comments to the various divisions of the Civil code of the Russian Federation, books such as "The transaction and its effect" (3 editions), "Property in civil law" that has 5 editions and still is fundamental work over the last 50 years.

Worked on the Concept of development of civil law (2008-2009).

A lot of K. Sklovsky's theoretical and practical developments and proposals influenced the Russian judicial practice. Subsequently they were implemented to the resolutions of the Plenum of the Supreme courts of the Russian Federation and were included in the Civil code of the Russian Federation in the course of its reforms in 2011-2014.


Natalia Lazebnaya - Counsel

Natalia Lazebnaya


PhD in law, associate professor at the State Academy of Specialist in Investments’ Field. In the years 1999 – 2004 member of the Presidential Council on codification and improvement of civil legislation. Expert of working groups in committees of the State Duma and the Federation Council, Presidential Administration, ministries and agencies as well as in international projects and commissions of the Council of Europe. Used to be the Head of legal departments in high-profile investment financial companies (IFC Metropol, IC Antanta Capital).

Vladislav Kostko - Counsel

Vladislav Kostko


Specializes in litigation, law of obligation and property rights. Has a professional legal experience of more than 12 years.

Vladislav is a tutee of K. Sklovsky, PhD in law, lead Russian scientist in the field of civil law. Graduated from Tula State University, faculty of law.

Author of articles and reviews published by "Corporate lawyer" magazine, "Kommersant" newspaper etc. 

Andrey Pepeliaev - Counsel

Andrey Pepeliaev


Professional experience is more than 12 years in land and property relations. Expert in residential and commercial real estate.

Pavel Shefas - Counsel

Pavel Shefas


Specialises in the sphere of resolution of judicial disputes, support of commercial transactions, liability and proprietary rights.

 A graduate student of Russian School of Private Law (RSPL) S.S. Alexeyev (Private Law Research Center named after S.S. Alexeyev under the President of the Russian Federation).

Author of scientific and journalistic articles. Actively maintains a blog on leading legal resources “Pravo.ru” and “Zakon.py”.

Science Advisors

Olga Zaigraeva - Science Advisor

Olga Zaigraeva

Science Advisor

PhD in law, associate professor of the chair of public law at the Russian State University for the Humanities. Teaching at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations, the Russian Academy for Foreign Trade and other academic educational institutions.
Author of numerous publications with regards to legal relationships in real estate, construction, housing and community amenities and transportation.


Maxim Poturaev - Seniour Lawyer

Maxim Poturaev

Seniour Lawyer

Received higher education at Moscow University of Humanities.

Specializes in administrative and civil disputes, enforcement of proceedings and debt collection. He has successful work experience in challenging property cadastral value (100% positive judicial decisions).

Mariya Dvoretskaya - Lawyer

Mariya Dvoretskaya


Specializes in corporate law, dispute resolution and transaction support.

Armine Simonova - Junior lawyer

Armine Simonova

Junior lawyer