Аnna Belyaeva on cryptocurrence in the April edition of "Arbitration practice" Journal

Anna Belyaeva commented for the journal "Arbitration practice" on AC Moscow landmark Ruling on March 5th, 2018 in the case № A40-124668/17


The court refused satisfaction of the FM’s petition on the inclusion of the contents of crypto in the bankruptcy estate of the debtor. According to Anna, in the present case the court had sufficient means to make an equitable decision without violating the legal interests of creditors of the debtor. Cryptocurrency, having economic value and not being banned from circulation, in the conditions of the current legislation could be qualified by the court as “other property” in the system of civil rights objects (article 128 CC RF). However, in essence, cryptocurrency is a contractual means of payment. You can read the article on the website of the Arbitration practice.