What is a condominium: Veronica Velichko, Head of Real Estate and Construction Practice explains

Head of Real Estate and Construction practice of Avelan Law Firm Veronica Velichko, told RBC Real Estate portal about the legal status of condominiums - associations of homeowners - in Russia.

Having explained the main principles of condominium operation, Veronica Velichko proceeded to the practical examples. In particular, the rules of registration of the common property, state registration of the accepted in the Russian Federation form of condominiums - associations of homeowners, the management system of condominiums.

"The classic example of condominium in Russia is an apartment building, within which the owners own apartments by right of ownership and, by right of common ownership, the land and the common property of the house", - explains Veronica. 

The article is accessed at the link (available only in Russian language).