Law firm AVELAN grants legal assistance in the responsible permission of the questions connected with construction, including:

  • structurization and realisation of bargains on financing of developer projects, including including foreign investors and-or in foreign jurisdiction;
  • legal administration of developer projects (project management);
  • work out of real warranties under contracts, minimisation of risks without detriment to business and delays of terms;
  • preparation and support of performance of contracts with the contract building organisations, architects, customers, engineers and etc.;
  • preparation of contracts on the basis of typical conditions of contracts FIDIC, conditions “open book”, “lump sum” and etc.;
  • settlment of quarrels at law, including under turnkey contracts and investment contracts;
  • collection of the indebtedness, losses and the resolution of disputes in judicial and the extrajudicial procedures;
  • maintenance of realisation of the qualified building examination;
  • legal protection of investments into projects, restoration of the lost property rights or removal of barriers in realisation of the rights to objects of the real estate;
  • preparation and support of performance of investment contracts and contracts of sharing in share building;
  • registration of the town-planning and allowing documentation, including construction permit;
  • reception and optimisation of the commercial specification;
  • support of state expert appraisal of the project and engineering survey;
  • legitimation of objects of autocratic building;
  • state registration of objects not finished by construction;
  • work out and introduction of model forms of contracts and methods of administration of contracts chiefs of projects and technical experts;
  • sharing at object input in operation, including reception of the permission to object input in operation, registration of the cadastral passport of object and registration of the property right to object;
  • preparation of concessionary agreements (state-private partnership) and buildings of infrastructural objects;
  • procedure realisation of bankruptcy of the builder;
  • consultation and the organisation the introduction into the self-adjustable organisations (SAO);
  • insurance of construction projects;
  • permission of other difficult situations, and also support of administrative processes at conducting projects.

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