Land Legal Relationship

Law firm AVELAN provides legal regulation all relations arising in the land law, including:

  • legal examination of the ground areas;
  • preparation of the documentation necessary for realisation developer (green field) and redeveloper (brown field) projects;
  • reception and optimisation of specifications;
  • structurization and realisation of transactions on financing of developer projects, including with participation of foreign investors and-or in foreign jurisdictions;
  • support of transactions with the ground areas;
  • the permission of ground disputes in judicial and extrajudicial usages;
  • judicial recognition or contest of the rights to the ground areas;
  • legal protection of investments into projects, restoration of the lost property rights or removal of obstacles in realisation of the rights to the ground areas;
  • registration of the ground areas under objects of the real estate;
  • registration of the ground areas under linear objects;
  • support of the state registration of the rights (encumbrance) on the ground areas;
  • establishment/removal public and private easements;
  • support of granting of the public earths in the property or rent for building;
  • preparation of the documentation for participation in the auctions or for the preliminary coordination of places of placing of objects;
  • the carrying out organisation land works and statement of sites on the cadastral account;
  • support of change of categories of the ground areas and-or their resolved use;
  • consultation concerning use of the ground areas of wood and water funds, the agricultural purpose earths;
  • consultation on questions of subsoil and preservations of the environment;
  • working out of mechanisms and assistance in removal encumbrance from the ground areas and a conclusion of foreign users;
  • consultation concerning reduction of security or sanitary-protective zones;
  • realisation of operations with ground shares;
  • support of "country amnesty" and projects of low building on the agricultural earths;
  • the permission of other difficult situations, and also support of administrative processes at conducting projects.

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