Article by Avelan's lawyer Pavel Shefas about invalidity of transactions according to claim 2 st. 174 the Russian Civil Code for Arbitration practice magazine.

The representative of counterparty makes a deal on unfavorable terms.

How to protect yourself from it challenging?

Pavel Shefas has explained the new composition of invalidity of the transaction made by the representative to the detriment of the interests represented; the category of "damage to the interests" of the sending of responsibility unscrupulous individuals for loss of business and customs lawyers, businessmen.

The author concludes that paragraph 2 of Art. 174 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, formulated for maximum flexibility, is a very dangerous tool of intervention in private discretion of the parties to the transaction.

An electronic version this article can be found on the website of Arbitration practice magazine (only available in Russian language).