December, 2 — Avelan Law Firm Council Veronika Velichko participates in an online discussion about the legal structure of pre-emption rights

December 2, 2020 Veronika Velichko, Avelan Law Firm Council, takes part in the scientific and practical online round table «Pre-Emptive Law: problematic issues of theoretical construction and its practical implementation", organized by the M-Logos Law Institute.

The discussion program includes topics related to the limitation of the preemptive right when concluding an agreement, the model of exercising the preemptive right in case of its violation, the legal positions of the parties to the agreement and the scope of application.

Among the participants: Gromov A. A., Ph.D. of Juridical Sciences., Associate Professor of the Research Center for Private Law by S.S. Alekseev; Chuprunov I. S., Senior associate Linklaters International Law Firm, Senior lecturer RSCP; Velichko, V. E., Avelan Law Firm Council, postgraduate student of the Department of Civil Law, Moscow State University.

The moderator of this round table is Karapetov A. G., Doctor of Law, Director of the M-Logos Law Institute, Editor-in-chief of Bulletin of economic justice of the Russian Federation magazine

The event will be equally useful for both law students and practicing lawyers.

Registration and participation are free, follow the link.