Law firm AVELAN provides complex legal support for cases of bankruptcy procedures at any stage of bankruptcy, namely:

  • initiation (debtor, creditor) and the full support of all bankruptcy procedures (on the side of the debtor, creditors, arbitration manager);
  • planning bankruptcy procedure (analysis of financial and economic activities of the debtor, the analysis of assets, accounts payable and receivable, managing a roster of creditors, the development schemes of the sale and preserve the assets of bankrupt enterprise, etc.);
  • entry into bankruptcy proceedings at any stage and participate in it (setting requirements in the register of creditors (with the exception of the registry), participated in the meeting of creditors holding a meeting of creditors, invalidation of the decision of the meeting of creditors, the change of the arbitration administrator, etc.);
  • sale of the debtor's property, the conclusion of a settlement agreement in bankruptcy, protection of interests of persons affiliated with the bankrupt;
  • preparation of comprehensive legal advice on the application of legislation on insolvency (bankruptcy).

To participate in the consultation and expertise of the company involved specialists in crisis management, appraisers, financial advisors, auditors, arbitration managers.

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