Law firm AVELAN shall provide legal protection of interests of Customers at all stages of pre-trial and trial proceedings in arbitration courts and common jurisdiction courts in Russia and CIS countries, as well as at the stage of enforcement proceedings.

Pre-trial practice:
Law firm AVELAN is concerned about pre-trial regulation and solution of disputes and other conflicts of Customer which enables significant reduction of financial costs and time spent.

Within the frameworks of this practice, AVELAN specialists shall perform:

  • legal analysis of dispute;
  • determination of perspectives of pre-trial and trial solution of disputes;
  • development of variants of dispute solution;
  • negotiations with counteragents of Customer with the purpose of amicable solution of conflict;
  • intermediation in dispute solution.

Court practice:
Law firm AVELAN represents interests of Customer in arbitration courts, common jurisdiction courts of Russia and CIS countries in various spheres of law.

As a part of participation in trial processes, AVELAN legal experts shall:

  • develop strategies and legal positions for a positive solution of dispute;
  • prepare all the necessary proceedings documents;
  • participate at all stages of court proceedings.

Enforcement proceedings:
Law firm AVELAN shall provide efficient support of enforcement of court resolutions, the company specialists shall:

  • interact proactively with bailiffs preventing delays and protractions at the stage of enforcement proceedings;
  • with the purpose of assisting bailiffs and accelerating their work, prepare enquiries, accompanying letters and other documents and forward them to respective bodies;
  • collect preliminary information.

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