Real Estate

Law firm AVELAN provides all-round legal support of investment (developing) projects and deals with real estate, including:

  • structurization and realisation of transactions on sale of objects or financing attraction, including with participation of foreign investors and-or in foreign jurisdictions;
  • preparation and support of execution of contracts of rent and purchase and sale of object (premises);
  • resolution of disputes in judicial and extrajudicial usages;
  • judicial recognition or contest of the rights to real estate objects;
  • legal protection of investments into objects, restoration of the lost property rights or removal of obstacles in realisation of the rights to real estate objects;
  • preparation and support of execution of contracts with operating company, other operational organisations and suppliers of resources;
  • work out and introduction of typical forms of contracts and methods of administration of contracts experts of commercial service;
  • registration of cadastral passport of object and state registration of the rights/obremeneny to object;
  • state registration of objects not finished by building;
  • reception of permissions to re-planning or re-equipment of premises;
  • legitimation for objects of autocratic building;
  • legal assistance of reconstruction objects;
  • insurance of real estate objects;
  • decision of housing and other questions concerning the real estate of physical persons;
  • permission of other difficult situations, and also support of administrative processes at conducting projects;
  • support of activity of associations of proprietors of habitation (APH), country noncommercial partnership and other organisations of citizens;
  • registration and repayment of ground areas under real estate objects;
  • registration of linear objects of real estate and ground areas under them;
  • registration of rights to enterprise as a property complex.

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