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Law Firm

Avelan Law Firm was founded in 2006. From the company’s very first days, we have been focused on providing legal services that completely solve clients’ problems. Relying on the highest qualifications of the company’s employees and vast experience in protecting the rights of our clients, in each case we act as expert-level active researchers, ambitious and efficient performers.

We offer a full range of services for litigation and legal support of projects in the field of real estate and construction, bankruptcy, intellectual property, corporate legal relations. 

Our main pride and driving force are, of course, our employees. We recruit lawyers from the leading universities of the country, giving preference to graduates of the Russian School of Private Law and the Higher School of Economics. Our employees have fundamental theoretical knowledge, and thanks to their impressive qualifications and experience, they successfully put learning into practice.

The key members of our team are doctors and candidates of legal sciences, lawyers, specialists with significant practical experience in litigation and legal business support. 

Our employees not only successfully represent clients in court, but also apply their skills and talents in lawmaking, scientific and educational legal activities. The lawyers of Avelan Law Firm include well-known scientists, researchers from legal research centers, lecturers from major Russian universities and authors published in such sources as Vedomosti, Kommersant Publishing House, RBC media group, Expert Publishing House, Impress Media Publishing House,, etc.

Thanks to such creative, successful and highly qualified employees, our firm has made great strides, becoming a major player in the legal market of the country.

Since 2014, Avelan has been ranked among the best law firms in Russia according to the portal and the Kommersant newspaper.

In 2020, Avelan was included in the reputable international ratings of law firms - Legal500 and Benchmark, and partners and advisers of the firm are annually included in the Best Lawyers international rating. For more details about professional recognition at the Russian and international levels visit the Ratings section of our website.

Work with China holds a special place in our activity. Since 2016, we have been providing legal services to Chinese companies planning and operating in the Russian market, as well as to Russian entrepreneurs developing their presence in China.

We are also expanding our partner network in China, actively interacting with representatives of Chinese business, cooperating with the largest Chinese law firms and being able to offer our services in behalf of our clients throughout China. 



At Avelan you will see a team that provides legal services at the highest level. Since 2006, we have been offering our clients the qualifications of experts and the reliability of professionals. The unique corporate culture that our team is proud of helps us to show maximum efficiency in any undertaking. We succeed by working together – and this allows us to solve even the most difficult problems of our clients.

The impeccable reputation of the company and the proficiency of each team member help us to be among the best in our sector.

We are proud that our customers trust us and strive to maintain a consistently high level of service.

Our principles are the basis of the impressive efficiency of work. This defines our essence and remains unchanged from the moment the company was founded till the present day.

The principles that we strictly follow in our work help us achieve our goals in the most effective way:
  • CARE.
    Our desire to choose the most economical, fast and efficient way to solve problems helps Avelan clients figure a way out of any legally challenging situation at minimum expense and at best benefit.
    Every case matters to us, as if it were our own one. We are constantly working to improve the skills of each lawyer, we monitor the relevance of our knowledge, we work on each task to the final victory. We accept no formalism - the client’s problems are considered comprehensively, carefully and thoroughly. This is the only approach that guarantees finding a flawlessly optimal solution.
    Thanks to a comprehensive approach to solving each problem and the high qualification of our lawyers, we consistently achieve the result our clients expect.


The active successful work of the Avelan company has received recognition, including from the professional legal community. This is evidenced by the inclusion of our company in Russian and international ratings.

  1. (RF)

A web-based media on judicial and legal practice, the largest Russian legal portal dates back to 2008. Since 2010, annual lists of the best lawyers and law firms in Russia have been compiled on the basis of this media. These are fairly large-scale studies of the legal market, allowing to objectively assess the level of certain specialists. The selection methodology is based on indicators of project experience and customer feedback regarding the quality of services, skill and price level.

The high reputation of the rating gives grounds to consider it an effective tool for creating an impression of the country’s legal market.

Since 2014, has regularly counted Avelan Law Firm among the best Russian companies in the field of arbitration and civil litigation, commercial real estate and construction.

  1. The Legal 500 (UK)

One of the largest international legal ratings, which has existed since 1987, is a recognized expert community organized by the publishing law firm Legalease Ltd (UK). 

The annual rating of The Legal 500 is compiled from research and analysis of law firms in over 150 jurisdictions. The list is formed based on the study of thousands of customer reviews and surveys of leading lawyers.

Since 2020, Avelan has been included in The Legal 500 rating under the Litigation category. At the same time, the compilers of the rating especially noted the lawyers of our firm in matters related to bankruptcy and resolution of property disputes.

  1. Benchmark Litigation (UK)

An international directory that has been publishing ratings of law firms specializing in dispute resolution in various areas of legal practice since 2008. Initially, this rating took into account only US lawyers, then, based on the increased interest of the professional community and consumers of legal services, it began to form lists of the best lawyers in Europe, Canada, Latin America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Since 2019, Benchmark Litigation has also covered Russian jurisdiction. 

When compiling the rating, researchers conduct detailed interviews with experts specialized in litigation support. The rating is based on the opinions of clients of law firms, as well as an analysis of the most important events. 

Since 2020, Avelan has been recognized by Benchmark Litigation as one of the best Russian law firms specializing in litigation. Inclusion in the international rating of that level is a confirmation of the exclusive competence and status of the company in the legal market.

  1. Best Lawyers (USA)

International legal rating, which includes the research based on voting by representatives of the professional legal community.

This is one of the oldest ratings in the world: the activities of lawyers in Best Lawyers have been analyzed since 1983. The geography of the research covers more than 70 countries. It is impossible to get into the Best Lawyers list by independently submitting an application – lawyers are included in it solely upon the recommendations of colleagues. The main factors here are the specialist’s reputation, his/her professional value and respect of colleagues.

The list of the best Russian lawyers according to Best Lawyers annually includes partners and employees of Avelan Law Firm – Sergey Kazinets, Valery Lazebny, Konstantin Sklovsky, Veronika Velichko and Pavel Shefas. Each of them is included in the rating in the Litigation category, and Sergey, in addition, is included in the best list in the Real Estate category. Valery Lazebny is also featured in the Insolvency and Reorganization category. 

     5. Legal Rating of Kommersant Publishing House

Kommersant Publishing House included Avelan Law Firm in the list of leading law firms in 2 areas of legal practice: Arbitration and Construction and Real Estate.

In addition to being included in the above ratings of European countries, it is worth noting that our company participated in similar projects in Southeast Asia. Avelan Law Firm is a co-founder of the Legal Work Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, which was included in the TOP-10 best legal organizations as part of The Belt and Road initiative.

Publications in the media

Avelan attorneys are authors of publications and commentaries in such major Russian publications as Vedomosti Publishing House, Kommersant Media Group, RBC Publishing House, Expert Publishing House, Impress Media, etc: Vedomosti, Kommersant Publishing House, RBC Media Group, Expert Publishing House, Impress Media, etc.

“AVELAN is a co-founder of the Legal Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia, a member of the International Legal Association (EGLA) and a partner of the Moscow Export Centre.