Avelan offers legal and managerial support for doing business in China within Russian-Chinese commercial projects.

Our expertise in this area includes:

  • assistance in establishing business relations in the country;
  • assistance in overcoming communication barriers, taking into account the specifics of the mentality and business culture of Chinese entrepreneurs;
  • organization of translation services;
  • starting business in China;
  • legal advice;
  • legal support of the company’s activities, corporate and financial advice;
  • participation in litigation;
  • enforcement of judgments of Russian courts in China;
  • legal support of investment projects;
  • professional legal support in specialized areas of business – in the securities market, banking sector, development activities, activities in the field of insurance, electricity, oil production, metallurgy, etc.

Our qualification in solving that range of issues is based on practical experience of interaction with Chinese companies since 2015. We provide legal services for Russian companies in China and at the same time we are working to expand our partner network in the country.

Together with protecting the interests of our clients, we are actively involved in various joint projects with the participation of Chinese companies:

  • we became co-founders of the Legal Work Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia (included in the TOP-10 best legal organizations as part of The Belt and Road initiative);
  • we joined the International Association of Law Firms of Asia (EGLA);
  • as part of The Belt and Road initiative, we cooperate with a number of government agencies in China – the Department of Legal Affairs of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the Ministry of Justice of Guangdong Province, the Committee for Economic Development of Henan Province, the Administrative Committee of the Zhengzhou Free Trade Zone, etc;
  • we are a certified member of the Legal Committee of the Russian Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Employees of Avelan Law Firm are constantly working to develop and strengthen business relations with Chinese partners: they regularly visit China on business trips, take part in seminars, conferences and round tables, hold joint events, and have articles published in Chinese legal media.

We have established long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with qualified Russian-speaking Chinese lawyers working in Moscow, so that our clients always have the opportunity to get advice on Chinese law without leaving the capital.

Avelan cooperates with the largest Chinese law firms, represented by more than 20 offices throughout the country, and is able to provide legal services throughout China.