Avelan Law Firm specializes in providing legal services to companies from China and Southeast Asia aiming to conduct business successfully in Russia.

Our law firm is a co-founder of the Legal Work Section of the Union of Chinese Entrepreneurs in Russia (ranked among the top 10 best legal organizations within The Belt and Road initiative), a certified member of the Legal Committee of the Russian Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and accredited member of the International Association of Asian Law Firms (EGLA).

The active and successful endeavors of Avelan have been recognized by the professional legal community. Avelan Law Firm is recommended by both international ratings (Best Lawyers, Legal500, Benchmark Litigation) and Russian ratings (Pravo300, Kommersant, RAA).

Avelan Law Firm provides comprehensive legal support, including:

  • comprehensive due diligence of counterparties in Russia and CIS countries;
  • support for international transactions and settlements;
  • protection of trademarks, patents, and other intellectual property objects on the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • customs clearance and registration of cargo traveling to the Russian Federation;
  • assistance in starting a business in Russia (registration of companies, accreditation of branches and representative offices);
  • support for transactions involving the acquisition of companies and businesses in Russia, along with consulting on corporate issues;
  • organization of interaction with authorities;
  • registration of licenses and permits;
  • migration law services;
  • representation in courts, dispute resolution, and debt collection;
  • support for transactions involving real estate and land plots;
  • comprehensive support of business activities;
  • support of activities in the sphere of subsoil use, utilization of natural resources, and agriculture;
  • organization of business meetings and support for negotiations.

By choosing Avelan Law Firm, you secure a reliable and experienced partner for successful business ventures in Russia!