We provide legal protection of interests at all levels:

  1. at the pre-trial stage;
  2. in general jurisdiction, arbitration and international courts;
  3. at the enforcement proceeding stage.

We do not confine ourselves to legal advice, but take on the entire practical side of supporting the dispute:

  • we evaluate prospects, focusing on judicial practice;
  • we analyze documents, collect evidence on the case;
  • we develop a legal position, prepare an effective pre-trial claim; 
  • we participate in pre-trial settlement of disputes – mediation;
  • we think out the strategy of actions in court;
  • we represent the client’s interests in all judicial instances – we prepare procedural documents, obtain the conclusions of highly specialized experts, impose interim measures, participate in court hearings;
  • we control the enforcement proceeding – we monitor the quality of work and the period required for the bailiff’s actions, provide practical and informational assistance of the CBS;
  • we collect legal costs from opponents.


Our concern for the client is expressed, among other things, in the observance of a number of fundamental points that contribute to the successful resolution of disputes put into work:

  • We set the direction for the development of judicial practice and high standards of quality of legal services, while ensuring the financial availability of highly qualified legal assistance.
  • We take on the most difficult tasks and successfully solve them thanks to the accumulated experience, well-coordinated teamwork and the involvement of highly specialized experts from other fields for a deeper study of the problem.
  • A non-standard approach to each problem and creative methods of work help to effectively protect the clients’ interests and often contribute to the formation of new judicial practice.
  • We form information support in popular media, which helps to attract public attention to the litigation.

Over the entire period of its activity in protecting the rights of clients, Avelan has gained the necessary experience and developed the practice of an individual approach to winning arbitration cases and uncompromising resolution of disputes in favor of clients. According to the portal, the rate of successful cases of Avelan Law Firm in arbitration courts is estimated at 80%.