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Avelan is among the leaders in the Russian legal services market - 2022.

About the firm

Avelan Law Firm was founded in 2006. From the company’s very first days, we have been focused on providing legal services that completely solve clients’ problems. Relying on the highest qualifications of the company’s employees and vast experience in protecting the rights of our clients, in each case we act as expert-level active researchers, ambitious and efficient performers.

We offer a full range of services for litigation and legal support of projects in the field of real estate and construction, bankruptcy, intellectual property, corporate legal relations, etc. 

Services in China

Avelan offers legal and managerial support for doing business in China within Russian-Chinese commercial projects.

Our qualification in solving that range of issues is based on practical experience of interaction with Chinese companies since 2015. We provide legal services for Russian companies in China and at the same time we are working to expand our partner network in the country.

Together with protecting the interests of our clients, we are actively involved in various joint projects with the participation of Chinese companies

Assistance For Chinese Businesses in Russia

Avelan Law Firm offers a wide range of legal services necessary for successful business operations in Russia, taking into account the specificities of the Chinese and Asian markets.

We have deep knowledge of the Russian legal system, extensive experience working in Southeast Asian countries, and provide a comprehensive approach to solving your business challenges.

Avelan Law Firm is a reliable legal partner in Russia!


    When establishing our company in 2006, we created activity bases that are most important for us: high quality and reasonable cost of services, conscientiousness and decency of employees, friendly attitude towards clients. To this day, these foundations remain unshakable.
    Sergey Kazinets
    Managing Partner
    We have always strived to make Avelan a reliable friend and partner for our clients and employees. And even if it sounds immodest, we really achieved this, because we are increasingly hearing such comments about ourselves: “Yes, these are very cool, positive guys. They are professionals and it’s a pleasure to work with them!” This is a great motivation for maintaining and developing the principles of our company.
    Valery Lazebny
    Managing Partner
    The main capital of the company is the energy, knowledge, experience, commitment and high professionalism of each of our employees, whom we greatly appreciate and respect. They are not just hired personnel, they are members of the large Avelan family. We find a separate approach to each lawyer, develop their best qualities and provide the most comfortable working conditions to unlock their creative potential.
    Sergey Kazinets
    Managing Partner
    Our website is an integral part of the company. We keep it up to date, share our main events and interesting legal information. We hope that our Internet resource will allow you to get a clear idea about Avelan Law Firm, the services it provides, as well as its contribution to the development of jurisprudence in the country.
    Valery Lazebny
    Managing Partner