Avelan Law Firm offers its clients comprehensive legal business support – subscription-based services for your company.

Subscription-based services mean comprehensive support for company activities. Depending on the field of activity and the needs of the client, subscription-based services may include: 

  • analysis and amendment of contracts, agreements, corporate documents;
  • advice on civil, administrative, land, tax, labor, criminal and other branches of law;
  • other organizational and legal support services.

Switching to a subscription-based legal service is advisable in cases where the maintenance of a full-time lawyer or legal service brings significant financial costs. The optimization of business processes and the need to save money lead to a reduction in staff and the involvement of appropriate specialists as needed in the form of outsourcing.

Our company will offer an individual work plan in accordance with the client’s wishes to each client who plans to entrust Avelan Law Firm with the legal support of their operational and economic activities.

The cost of subscription-based services depends on the number of hours required for the provision of services.

One of the invaluable advantages of this form of cooperation is that not just one lawyer, but a whole team of professionals specializing in various law branches, headed by the firm’s partner who controls their work, is involved in solving the client’s problems. Thanks to this method, each client is provided with a comprehensive approach, efficiency and high quality of services.

Subscription-based service makes it possible to effectively resolve legal issues and guarantees reliable legal protection for our clients.